22 Cool Kitchen Doodads We Want to Buy Right Away

Acrosoft Solutions has collected the most unusual kitchen gadgets to make your life easier. You may find something you’ve been lacking that will make the cooking process even faster and certainly more pleasant.

A clip-on spout

No spilled water or other fluids in your kitchen thanks to this device.

A gap cover

With such a clever invention, you’ll never have to worry about crumbs and drops in the gaps between kitchen furniture.

A cutting board with a scrap container

This convenient cutting board solves the problem of scraps.

A splatter shield

You won’t have to clean the stove from oil splatters each time you cook.

A spoon to portion dough

An incredibly cool idea! You’ll forget how it feels to have dough stuck to your fingers, skin, and other surfaces.

A bag holder with clips

Do you spill bag contents all the time? This device won’t let it happen ever again.

A rolling garlic chopper

Finally, we can avoid sticky hands with that garlic smell.

A batter dispenser

Now you can perfectly measure the amount of batter.

Boil-over preventer covers

With these covers, the stove will stay clean much longer.

An oil dispenser

A very convenient dispenser that also serves as a bottle cap.

A cheese slicer

Who else wants even and transparent cheese slices?

Paper bags for toasted sandwiches

Your favorite crispy sandwiches with different fillings won’t dirty up your toaster anymore.

A bagel cutter

Cut bagels without getting crumbs everywhere.

A device that collects excess fat

This thing is based on the icing effect. You can store it in a fridge, and use when necessary to collect the excess fat on its cold surface.

A dry goods dispenser

It’s easy to control the amount of dry products you need for cooking with this thingie.

A puree and sauce press

Using this press, you’ll be able to make a fruit or potato puree with no effort. It can also help in making sauces.

A convenient cover and spoon holder

No more sauce and water drops on the table during the cooking process or after it.

A whisk to separate yolks

Why has no one designed such a whisk before? Now yolks and whites won’t mix.

A homemade pasta dryer

It’s a real godsend for homemade noodle lovers.

A spoon holder that prevents drips

With such a holder you’ll never see a drop of food on your table.

Onion-protecting glasses

Finally, we can chop onions without shedding tears.

An elastic lunchbox

A perfect sandwich lunchbox which takes up almost no space and is incredibly easy to use.

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