A great trick increase the Internet speed for free!

Currently, most users are using Wi-Fi router so everyone familiar with the unpleasant situation where the signal is weak, and thus slow the net. Especially when it used to occur if the router has been several years in the home and has a lot of obstacles, which weakens the signal …

The Acrosot.pk today will show you a trick for those who have a weak Wi-Fi flag set in the home.

Here is a method by which the router performance will be more effective:

In essence, the Wi-Fi signal is nothing more than a radio wave, which is issued. The device senses that we use and converts the signal so you can use the Internet.

If you want super strong Wi-Fi signal in the home, you will need one or two aluminum tin (depending on the number of antennas on the router).

You will need:

– a knife
– one or two aluminum tin
– double-sided adhesive tape


1. Cut off the bottom and wash the inside of the tin carefully

2. Cut around the upper part of it, but do not go the whole round. Allow approximately 2 centimeters.

cut out half of the box, a third longitudinal cuts so that the image ultimately obtain a comparable roller.

4. The antenna amplifier secure the router. If you have a home double-sided tape, it is perfectly fine.

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