A simple PHP application that demonstrates the use of MVC pattern

Hi everyone,

Over the last few days I’ve been trying to get a better idea of what MVC pattern is, how it’s different from other patterns (ie 3-tier “view-data-logic pattern) and how in the world do you apply it in order to develop websites in PHP.

So after some help from few people at www.stackoverflow.com and other websites I mocked up my very own little PHP app, that demonstrates my understanding (however weak it might be) of the MVC! :).. Finally!

In the process I realized that many more people like myself are struggling trying to figure the very same thing out on this subject, so I wanted to share the little app that I wrote to,
hopefully, ease the pain of this learning curve for the newbies.
I attached a ZIP file that has all the required PHP files to run this app. Just unzip it to your webserver and run the test_mvc.php. Hope this helps!

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