Adobe Photoshop Online Quiz

1. Microsoft created Adobe Photoshop?

2. Who developed Adobe Image Ready?

3. To add a drop shadow to text you would?

4. Which of the following languages is spoken in Adobe Creative Suite?

5. To rename a layer you can?

6. If I want to use a clipping mask to clip a paintbrush pattern into a text layer then I would?

7. Which of the following isn’t a type of Illustrator brush?

8. The GIF file format is ideal for photographic images?

9. How do you create a new file in Photoshop using the drop down menu?

10. Holding the shift button will allow you to add to as election?

11. I can resize my text by?

12. To save a file for printing and the Web I would select?

13. What license is Adobe Dreamweaver distributed under?

14. What was Adobe Fireworks written in?

15. What license is Adobe Acrobat distributed under?

16. To duplicate a layer you would?

17. How do you set the text color in Photoshop?

18. What license is Adobe Creative Suite distributed under?

19. Which of the following platforms does Adobe Illustrator run on?

20. ________ is a raster graphics editor (with significant vector graphics functionality)?

21. Pixels represent tiny ________ of color, which are typically unseen by the naked eye?

22. What license is Adobe Premiere Pro distributed under?

23. To add special filters to a layer I would?

24. If I want to warp my text and create an arc with it then I would?

25. As election can be made with as so, marquee, magicwand, and quick selection tools?
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