B.A Punjab University 2015 English (Paper-B) First Group

B.A Punjab University 2015

English (Paper-B)                                                                                                First Group

Time: 3.30 Hrs.                                                                                        Max. Marks :100



Note:              Attempt all parts of a question together. Be relevant and precise
over attempts deserve no credit.


Q.1                 explain with reference to the context any three of the following


  1. He is now our next door neighbor and has just secured a Tudor mansion and enormous estate, three miles from here. Out dear old cathedral is tumbling down and i have invited Lord Wallaby to rebuild it.
  2. I lost two cities, lovely ones. And vaster, Some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent. I miss them but it wasn’t a disaster.
  3. A voice so thrilling nev’r was heard In spring-time from the Cuckoo-bird. Breaking the silence of the seas Among the farthest Hebrides.
  4. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness and mere oblivion Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.
  5. Dear me! I should have thought a habit of tour years would have stayed with you.

Q.2                 attempt any Two of the following questions (200-225 each)   {10-10}


  1. Draw a character sketch of Ustad Mangu.
  2. What kind of a world Oscar Wilde create in The Happy prince?
  3. How far would you agree that The Bear is an absurd play?






Q.3                 attempt any Two of the following questions (200-225 each)   {10-10}


  • How far would you agree that Kubla Khan presents Coleridge’s concept of the fantastic and the supernatural?
  • How does the poet take us into the realm of imagination in the poem Tartary?
  • Discuss the Patriot into Traitor as a dramatic monologue.

Q.4                 attempt any Two of the following questions (200-225 each)   {10-10}


  • Describe Gloria’s feelings after taking the plunge. 2
  • The chief causes of large-scale violence are: love of power, competition, hate and fear.” Do you agree? Explain your answer.
  • Discuss the central idea of ThC Beauty Industry.

Q.5                 attempt any Two of the following questions (200-225each)    {10-10}


  • What lesson do you learn from Santiago’s character?
  • Do the dreams have any significance for the characters in the novel?
  • What does the title of the novel The Old Man and the Sea suggest?”

Time: 3 Hrs.                                                                                              Max. Marks :100



Important Note:     Over-attempted idioms /correction of sentence will not be
marked . only the first five will be marked. Don’t write your names, ph # or identity in any answer.


Q.1                 write an essay with outline of 300-350 words on one of the following topics:      (5+20)

  1. Decline of Pakistani Film Industry
  2. Women Rights in Islam
  3. Study of Literature: An Antidote to Extremist Behavior
  4. human Trafficking – – A Global Problem
  5. How to Build a Progressive Pakistan?


Q.2                 Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end . the answer must be in your own words.

If you ask any man in America, or any man in business in England, what it is that most interferes with his enjoyment of existence, he will say: ‘The struggle for life.’ He will say this in all sincerity; he will believe it. In a certain sense it is true; yet in another, and that a very important sense, it is profoundly false. The struggle for life is a thing which does, of course, occur. It may occur to any of us if we are unfortunate. It occurred, for example, to Conrad’s hero Falk, who found himself on a derelict ship, one of the two men among the crew who were possessed of fire-arms, with nothing to eat but the other men, when the two men had finished the meals upon which they could agree, a true struggle for life began. Falk won, but was ever after a vegetarian. Now that is not what the businessman means when he speaks of the ‘struggle for life’. ft is an inaccurate phrase which he has picked up in order to give ,dignity to something essentially trivial. Ask him how many men he has known in his class of life who have died of hunger. Ask him what happened to his friends after they had been ruined. Everybody knows that a businessman who has been ruined is better off so far as material comforts are concerned than a man who has never been rich enough to have the chance of being ruined. What people mean, therefore, by the struggle for life is really the struggle for success. What people fear when they engage in the struggle is not that they will fail to get their breakfast next morning, but that they will fail to outshine their neighbors .


  1. Why do American businessmen presumably feel unhappy?
  2. how do they misinterpret struggle for life?
  3. What does the struggle for life actually mean in the paragraph?
  4. What is the difference between struggle for life and struggle for success?
  5. Have have got a personal definition of success and happiness? (Not more than 5 to 6 sentences).

Q.3                 write a letter to the Editor of the Newspaper regarding the increasing number of professional beggars in the city .


Write an application to the Director of Education for the post of Secondary School Teacher.


Q.4                 correct any five of the followings (no extra attempt will be marked)

  1. The news-are not true.
  2. His manners are like his father.
  3. He availed of the opportunity.
  4. None of them have done it.
  5. You and Abdullah has done their work.
  6. i do not like him going there daily.
  7. No less than fifty people were killed in explosion.
  8. The population of Lahore is greater than Nankana Sahib.
  9. The murderer was hung.
  10. He gave a good speech in the end.


Q.5                 use any five of the following phrases in sentences (no extra attempt will be marked)

  1. A Big Gun
  2. A House Of Cards
  3. Bring Through
  4. Get away with
  5. A small talk
  6. Maiden Speech
  7. With a grain of salt
  8. By dint of
  9. Baby Boom
  10. to monkey with

Q.6                 Write a dialogue between two friends on the past memories..


Translate the following paragraph into English:

لاہور شہر سیاست کا نہیں ثقافت کا بھی قدیم مرکز ہے ۔ مغلوں کی ثقافت نے عروج کا زمانہ اس شہرمیں دیکھا ۔ سکھ ثقافت کامرکز بھی یہی شہر تھا ۔ علم و ادب کی ثقافت بھی اسی شہر کے حصہ میں آئی ۔اہل تصوف کا بھی یہی مرکز تھا ۔ انگریزوں کے دور میں بھی لاہور کا فیشن پورے ہندوستان میں رائج ہوتا تھا ۔ آج بھی یہ شہر اہل پاکستان کی توجہ کا مرکز ہے ۔”

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