B.A Punjab University 2016 English (Paper-B) First Group

B.A Punjab University 2016

English (Paper-B)                                                                                                First Group

Time: 3 Hrs.                                                                                              Max. Marks :100



Important Note:     Over-attempted idioms /correction of sentence will not be
marked . only the first five will be marked. Don’t write your names, ph # or identity in any answer.


Q.1                 write an essay with outline of 300-350 words on one of the following topics:

  1. Sweet are the uses of Adversity
  2. Overseas Pakistanis :our informal Ambassadors.
  • Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts Absolutely.
  1. Role of Women in Nation Building.
  2. Folk Tales of the Punjab.


Q.2                 Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end . the answer must be in your own words.

It has become a national habit to curse the state for anything that happen in our lives. If there is a breakdown of electricity or traffic jam on the road, it is our favourite pastime to start finding fault with the state. We do not existence or efficacy is this. By casting in solving daily life because their main object is to make people realize that the state has become a failure. Our media also sometime cannot maintain the fine balance between criticism and dwspondency . paksitan is not a failed state. The people of the Pakistan are aware that they have a long journey to cover to make Pakistan a democratic, welfare state. There are a score of political, cultural and social issues that we have to sort out . but nobody should think that the people of Pakistan are not capacitated to do the capacities and by building our institutions, we should steer Pakistan out of these hard times. The best example of this resolve can been in the operation Zarb-e azab when the valiant armed forces of Pakistan, backed by the civilian support, reduced the number of terrorist attacks in Pakistan. And Pakistan is on the way to progress and prosperity.


  1. What is our favourite pastime in an unusal situation ?
  2. Whis is the inherent danger in cursing the state ?
  • What is the narrative of the terrorists ?
  1. How would Pakistan come out of these hard times ?
  2. Suggest some other ways to make Pakistan strong ?
  3. Make a précis



Q.3                 write a letter to the editor of the news paper about the need for a massive campaign for tree plantation in the country.


write a Application to the health minister of the Punjab for the provision of medical facilities in Government Hospitals of your District.


Q.4                 correct any five of the followings (no extra attempt will be marked)

  1. He was a coward
  2. He persisted to do it.
  • There are lying ten furniture in your room.
  1. After all, he had to confide on somebody.
  2. The girl who was promoted ; she was my fiancé.
  3. His all hopes were dashed to the ground.
  • He was fail in B.A
  • The pizza and the sandwich looks good.
  1. The decreasing number of birth has been attributed to family planning.
  2. He is not capable to do it.


Q.5                 use any five of the following phrases in sentences (no extra attempt will be marked)

  1. Bear up
  2. Go About
  • On the horns of dilemma
  1. Blue stocking
  2. Throw to the dogs
  3. A Brown study
  • A hard nut to crack
  • Blue blood
  1. At daggers drawn
  2. Cast a slur


Q.6                 write a dialogue between two friends on the harms of child labour.


Translate the following paragraph into English:

اس کے بعد میری کوشش ہوتی کہ میں قائداعظم کی خدمت میں نہ جاوں ۔کیونکہ جو ں ہی وہ مجھے دیکھتے اُنہیں کوئی نہ کوئی سرکاری کام یا د آجاتا ۔ 10 دسمبر کواُنھوں نے مجھے کوئٹہ طلب فرمایا اور پوچھا ”کیا مجھے کوئی ضروری کاغذ دکھانا چاہتے ہو ؟ میں نے عرض کیا “نہیں جناب “ساتھ ہی میری آنکھوں سے آنسو نکل آئے ۔میں  نے سوچا اس حالت میں اُنہیں ملک کا اتنا خیال ہے ۔


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