Basic Information Technology Info Quiz 1 Online Mcq’s Questions Test

Computer General

1. What is the use of Firewall in a computer?

2. “.gif” is an extension of which type of file?

3. The first internet search engine was:

4. The Mac Operating System is developed by:

5. Which is a programming language among these?

6. Computer Hard Disk was first introduced by which one of these companies?

7. Linus Torvalds developed which of the following systems?

8. Which one of these is generally accepted as the first computer worm?

9. The computer abbreviation “OS” stands for:

10. Which one of these is not a database management software?

11. A group of 8 bits is called:

12. What kind of file does usually has ‘.MPG’ extension?

13. The inventor of QWERTY keyboard is:

14. Which one of these created the C programming language?

15. Who is known as the father of internet?


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