WebFairy Mediat PHP Script For CMS

This PHP Script WebFairy Mediat is Full-Responsive Media CMS ,With this awesome script you are able to build your “Video/Music/Photos/Articles/Tutorials/Flash Games/Code Snippets” Website. Demo           Download

Creating a Android Web Browser

Simple Android Browser Learn how to create simple android web browser. I called this apps – Fomic. Download Code

SMS Scheduler (Autoresponder) App

Thia App autometically send sms on particular date and time on android Technologies. Please don’t sale only use for personal. Download Code

Family Tracker App

Hi this is Family Tracker App. All family member registered on this App and then all registered user are displayed on Map. Download Code

Send SMS & Receive Notification

Hello, This is a simple sms function which can send sms, receive notification when send message and also can view the receive message. Download the source code and then try to install through your mobile phone and use it, good luck :). Download Code

Tiles Game in android

software requirements: 1.eclipse 2.java Import the project into the eclipse and start editing. Game feature: 1.Action game 2.High score 3.speed increase 4.Diffrent type Opps! don’t touch on wrong tiles. Demo apps: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.initedit.opps_wrong_tab Download Code

Simple Game in Android

The is simple game developed in eclipse compatible with all screen resolution using getwidth() and getheight() function -Highscore page added -Volume control page In this game the player collects the coins by jumping and makes score. Download Code

HandEBook: An IT Portable Book Application

This is an android mobile application entitled HandEBook: An IT Portable Book Application was one one of the capstone project that I have made in our clients at Cotabato. We used the Basic4Android software for the frontend and SQLite for the database or the backend. This features the app: –

Dynamic Table w/ Pagination

This project is Dynamic Table w/ Pagination in android. A very simple and easy to understand project especially for beginners in android. Hope you’ll like it Download Code