WebFairy Mediat PHP Script For CMS

This PHP Script WebFairy Mediat is Full-Responsive Media CMS ,With this awesome script you are able to build your “Video/Music/Photos/Articles/Tutorials/Flash Games/Code Snippets” Website. Demo           Download

Online Product Reservation System

The group developed a simple Online Product Reservation System for CJ Handgunner. Its purpose is to enhance transaction process of purchasing products of the company and to provide easy access for customers to reserve products through online. Download Code

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

This Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) intends for viewing books information and its details being search by the user .This system would provide information on the status of books availability in the library and to search for items not traditionally covered by a library card catalog.The user can only search

Online Grade Inquiry

This Online Grade Inquiry system is a project for the fulfillment of our subject Evaluation of Business Process. The Purpose of this System is to view the students grade and its profile via online. And for the Teacher, it can add or edit grades for the students per section by

Facebook Clone Script / Look A like code

This code is made by me with the help of google.com and Sir Jomar Pabuaya our php instructor. In this code you can learn on how to make facebook like application. Such as on how to create facebook like live search, wall post, delete wall post, add friend and other

Online Schedule Inquiry System

This Online Schedule Inquiry System is a project for the fulfillment of our subject Evaluation of Business Process. The purpose of this system is for viewing the advance schedule for the teacher, student and room.You can add, delete and update the schedule utilizing php, css and javascript. This system have

Online Hotel Reservation System

In this source code you can learn on how create an online reservation system with online payment. In this code you can learn also to create source code in making online payment, room inventory, add edit and delete records using php, error trapping using php and javascripts, textbox that accept

Countdown Timer for Bidding System

You can use this code if you have a bidding system. It’s a timer that will let your visitors know the time left before the bidding closes. The simple PHP script will look up the value from closing_date field of bids table then use it as the target date. Download

Add, Edit and Delete Record using PHP/MySQL

Simple add,edit,delete record/s using PHP. From this code we learn how to connect, add, edit and delete record from the database. Download Code

Updating Multiple Rows in MySQL using PHP

There are so many tutorials on how to update one (1) record at a time. But only few tutorial on how to update multiple rows at once. I dedicate this tutorial to my 3rd year students. Save the following code as select.php: