CCNA Quiz Online Test Mcqs Questions with Answers

1. When are link-state packets sent to neighbors?

2. Refer to the exhibit. Router B receives a packet with a destination address of What will router B do?

 3. What action does a link-state router take immediately upon receipt of an LSP from a neighboring router?


 4. What are two advantages of using a link-state routing protocol instead of a distance vector routing protocol?


 5. Which database or table must be identical on all link-state routers within an area in order to construct an accurate SPF tree?


 6. Which protocol works at the Internet layer and provides a connection service between hosts?


 7. What protocol is used to find the hardware address of a local device?


 8. What range of addresses can be used in the first octet of a Class C address?


 9. Which protocol working at the Transport layer provides a connectionless service between hosts?


 10. Which routers will router D receive hello packets?


 11. Which algorithm is run by link-state routing protocols to calculate the shortest path to destination networks?


 12. What range of addresses can be used in the first octet of a Class B network address?


 13. What speeds up convergence in a network using link-state routing?


 14. Which protocol works at the Transport layer and provides virtual circuits between hosts?


 15. What is the valid host range the IP address is a part of?


 16. If a host broadcasts a frame that includes a source and destination hardware address, and its purpose is to assign IP addresses to itself, which protocol at the Network layer does the host use?


 17. Why is it difficult for routing loops to occur in networks that use link-state routing?


 18. Refer to the exhibit. What does JAX do with link-state packets from ORL? 


 19. What feature do modern link-state protocols provide to minimize processing and memory requirements?


 20. What two statements correctly describe the link state routing process?


 21. Refer to the exhibit. What kind of information would be seen in an LSP sent from router JAX to router ATL? 


 22. How many bytes is an Ethernet address?


 23. What two events will cause a link state router to send LSPs to all neighbors? 


 24. If a router interface is congested, which protocol in the IP suite is used to tell neighbor routers?


 25. What is the final step in the link state routing process?

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