Computer Knowledge Quiz Online

1. A computer virus is actually:

2. Which is the largest search engine of the internet?


3. Which country’s people used more internets?


4. The Unit that control all part of computer is:


5. A combination of 16 bits are called:


6. What is “Google”?


7. 1 nibble contains:


8. Which was the first truly electronic computer?


9. The fastest type of computer memory is:


10. The interface between user and computer is:


11. Martin copper (inventor of cell phone) belonged to which company?


12. A bus with 32 data line can transport how many bits at a time?


13. FAST stands for:


14. Which is not High Level Language?


15. The power of a super computer is measured in term of:


16. 1024 bytes equal to:


17. The latest computer is called:


18. What is the name of the professor who coined the name virus for self replicating programs?


19. PC was originally a trade mark of


20. The surface of a hard disk is logically divided into:


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