Computer MS Windows OS Quiz 2 Online GK Questions and Answers

Computer General

1. Minimize, Maximize and Close button are called:

2. The shortcut key to close selected window is:

3. By default the bar located at the bottom of the Desktop is:

4. Shutdown option exists in:

5. Microsoft Windows 2000 is:

6. The shortcut key to delete a file without sending to  Recycle Bin is:


7. In Windows 7, files and folders are represented as:


8. Add New Hardware option exist in:

9. Word Pad is a part of:

10. The shortcut key for renaming file and folder is:

11. All the files deleted from computer are stored in:

12. Which of the following does not exist in taskbar?

13. The area that contains My Computer, My Documents and Recycle Bin folder is:

14. The upper most bar showing the name of the application is called:

15. Which side has Start Menu button placed on the taskbar?

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