CSS PMS Past Solved Papers 2009 Part 1

1. Three Gorges Dam Project is in the country of ?

2. Deficiency of vitamin ‘C” in human body leads to ?


3. ‘Order of Cloud and Banner’ is the most prestigious military award of ?


4. National Income is essentially composed of ?


5. Naxalite movement is a pro communism movement started in ?


6. Which country assisted Pakistan in building Karachi Nuclear Power Plant ?


7. Which of the following categories of Nobel Prizes was not created by Swedish Scientist Alfred Nobel ?


8. Where are the headquarters of Human Rights Watch ?


9. The world is celebrating the 200th birthday in 2009 of which scientist ?


10. Russia criticizes American missile defense system deployed ?


11. What do understand by the term intifada ?


12. Light travels from sun to earth in ?


13. Which country has world’s oldest anthem ?


14. The largest section of the Kurd population is living in ?


15. Which film won eight Oscar Awards in 2009 ?


16. Which of the following rivers run through Paris ?


17. Which is the biggest bird of the world ?


18. Tamils in Sri Lanka are struggling for an independent state in the territory of ?


19. Which is the oldest search Engine of Internet ?


20. Which country is the largest trading partner of Pakistan ?


21. Who was the founder of All India Muslim League ?


22. ‘Pearl Harbour” is located in American state ?


23. The largest opium producer province of Afghanistan is ?


24. World Cup football Tournament 2010 was held in ?


25. What is meant by “Petticoat Government” ?


26. Fleet Street London is famous for ?


27. Which of the following provinces of Afghanistan shares border with Pakistan ?


28. Which UN Organization has won twice Nobel Prize for peace ?


29. Russia supply natural gas to European countries which transit through the state of ?


30. Which of the following South Asian leaders  has recently given a proposal to form South Asian task force to combat terrorism in the region ?


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