English Active Passive Voice Online Quiz 1 Test With Right Question Answer

1. They say funny things about you.

2. The explosion killed twenty people.

3. People must not leave valuables here.

4. Someone has just picked my pocket.

5. Someone hit him on the head with a stone.

6. We use wood here as fuel.

7. Somebody has stolen two of my best paintings.

8. They build a house of bricks and mortar.

9. The authors will complete the book by the end of June.

10. The police have interrogated everyone in the office.

11. The customer may pay money in installments.

12. People should take these medicines with care.

13. You can make the payment by cheque or by money order.

14. They distil the best wines in France.

15. Students must complete all assignments before the vacations.

16. The police fined him for rash driving.

17. Somebody can easily repair this.

18. They are printing our books here in this press.


19. They lock the hostel gates at 11 pm

20. The train army officers in the academy.

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