Everyone has, but no one can remove easily. This trick is a miracle warts AGAINST …

What is a wart?

The warts are smaller and larger hard skin growth in different parts of the body. Experience has shown that a significant increase in recent years in our country number of wart disease, which is caused to the health-conscious lifestyle with more time we spend in swimming pools and spas, using shared gym sports goods. All this – in addition to a healthier lifestyle and good useful – it increases the frequency of situations of infected with the virus that causes warts are one of the course.


How to remove any warts quickly?

– You will need one dose of cotton wool, cider vinegar, gauze, adhesive tape
– Grab a big cotton ball, which certainly covers the wart area
– Soak a cotton cider vinegar
– Put the apple vinegar to the area to be treated cotton
– Cover a small gauze bandages off and stick

Repeat the process every day, but not more than two times. The wart will begin feketedni and 3-5 days itself will fall. If any traces remain after you fall off, do not fall for into the skin regenerates within one week and they will disappear.


Do not use cider vinegar on the eyelids, because they can be corrosive effect.

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