Healthcare and Medicine Information Mcqs

1. Why do we feel drowsy after a heavy meal?

2. Recording of brain waves from outer surface of head is called:

3. Tooth decay is caused by:

4. Which of the following acids secreted internally, helps in digestion?

5. Substances which bring down the body temperature are known as?

6. The compound used in anti-malarial drug is:

7. Which of the following diseases occur due to consumption of contaminated water?

8. BCG vaccination is injected to get immunity from:

9. Dialysis is used in the case of a patient suffering from:

10. Which of the following tests helps in diagnosis of cancer?

11. What are antibodies?

12. Excessive vomiting and diarrhea may result in the decrease of which of the following in the blood stream?

13. After drinking contaminated water, you would be most apt to develop symptoms of:

14. Substances used to bring relief in pain are called?


15. What are Vaccines?


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