History of Pakistan From 1947 to 2010 Online Quiz 6


1. Scond Martial Law was imposed by General Yahya Khan

2. In which constitution system of Zakat and Ushr was introduced in the country?


3. Education commission was created by Ayub Khan


4. Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman introduced his six points


5. Completion of construction of Islamabad


6. Emergency was lifted all judges of Supreme Court and High Courts took oath under constitution of 1973


7. Tashqand Treaty was signed between Pakistan and India


8. First General elections under the LFO ware held


9. P.D.M. (Pakistan Democratic Movement) was established


10. Fourth Constituent assembly is brought into existence by Ayub Khan:


11. Sikander Mirza died and burried in Tehran (Iran) in


12. Pakistan People’s Party was formed by Z.A Bhutto


13. From which party the members of Constitution committee were taken?


14. Mangla dam’s construction completed


15. Under which constitution Federal Public Commission and Provincial Service Commission were established?


16. Yahya Khan introduced LFO


17. Swat and Chitral joined Pakistan


18. Ayyub Khan stepped down under mounting public pressure


19. When was the Constitution of 1973 enforced?


20. When was the Constitution of 1973 approved by the National Assembly?


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