History of Pakistan From 1947 to 2010 Online Quiz 7


1. Sardar Abdul Rab Nishter died on:

2. Ayub Khan became the president of Pakistan

3. India and Pakistan fought a second war over Kashmir

4. Gwadar port was bought from Oman


5. Pakistan China border treaty was signed in:


6. General Zia-ul-Haq held general elections in:


7. The designation of Governor-General was changed to President in _________.


8. Creation of commission for new constitution of Pakistan by Ayub Khan in:


9. Sikander Mirza abrogated the 1956 Constitution and dissolved Assemblies


10. Agricultural reforms was introduced:


11. I.I Chundrigar died in:


12. Parvez Musharraf took oath of the President of Pakistan for the second term


13. Which constitution for the first time made it compulsory for the head of state to be a Muslim?


14. Third constituent assembly came into existence in:


15. Martial Law was imposed by Sikander Mirza on:


16. The Constitution of 1962 was enforced on:


17. Family law ordinance was introduced in:


18. Election Commissioner of Pakistan declared that Nawaz Sharif was not eligible for elections 2007


19. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan died on:


20. Ayub Khan announced the second constitution of Pakistan in:

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