MCAT Medical Entry Test 2017 Biology Enzymes

1. Enzymes are composed of hundreds of ?

2. The non-protein part of enzyme is known as ?


3. The charge and shape of the active site is formed by some amino acids present in the _______ chain of the enzyme ?


4. All enzyme can work at their maximum rate at a specific temperature called ?


5. An enzyme is a three dimensional ?


6. Without the enzymes the reactions would proceed at a very slow speed making life ?


7. The reactant which is attached to the active site of enzyme is called as a ?


8. An activated enzyme consisting of polypeptide chain and a co-factor is known as ?


9. For enzyme of human body the optimum temperature is ?


10. By increasing the enzyme molecules, an increase in the number of ______takes place ?


11. Lock and Key Model was proposed by ?


12. Enzyme activity requires ?


13. Pepsin is a powerful protein digesting enzyme and is produced in inactive form known as ?


14. If the vibrations due to increase in heat energy become too violent, globular, structure essential for enzyme activity is lost and enzyme is said to be ?


15. The functional specificity of every enzyme is the consequence of its specific chemistry and ?


16. Enzymes are the most important group of proteins which are biologically ?


17. The catalytic activity of enzymes is restricted to a small portion of the enzyme known as ?


18. At low concentration of substrate the reaction rate is directly proportional to the ?


19. The binding site helps the enzyme in the recognition and binding of a proper substrate to produce ?


20. Induce fit Model was proposed by ?


21. Like enzymes, co enzymes can be used ?


22. According to Lock and Key Model active site is a ?


23. An enzyme and its substrate react with each other through definite charge bearing sites called ?


24. If the non-protein part is loosely attached to the protein part it is known as ?


25. Enzymes are very ______ in their function ?

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