MCAT NAT Medical Chemistry Electrochemistry

  1. A solution of sodium was electrolysed using some inert electrodes. The products at the electrodes are


  • O₂, Na
  • O₂, SO₂
  • O, H
  • O₂,S₂ O²₈⁻


  1. Which of the substances Na, Hg, S Pt and graphite can be used as electrodes in electrolytic cells having aqueous solution?


  • Na and S only
  • Pt and graphite only
  • Na, Pt and graphite
  • Na and Hg


  1. A current of 9.65 ampere flowing for 10 minutes deposits 3.0 g of the metal which is monovalent. The atomic mass of the metal is


  • 30
  • 50
  • 5
  • 10


  1. When electricity is passed through molten AlO + NaAlF and 13.5 gms of Al are deposited, the number of faraday must be


  • 0
  • 0
  • 5
  • 5


  1. A cell constant is generally found by measuring the conductivity of aqueous solution of


  • MgCl₂
  • NaCl
  • Kcl
  • BaCl₂


  1. An electrolyte


  • Possesses ions even in solid state
  • Gives ions only when dissolved in water
  • Forms complex ions in solution
  • Gives ions only when electricity is passed


  1. If a salt bridge is removed between the two half cells, the voltage


  • Does not change
  • Increases rapidly
  • Increases gradually
  • Drops to zero


  1. The reference calomel electrode is made from which of the following?


  • ZnCl₂
  • HgCl
  • HgCl₂
  • CuSO₄


  1. A certain current liberate 0.5g of hydrogen in 2 h. How many grams of copper can be liberated by the same current flowing for the same time in a copper sulphate solution?


  • 8gm
  • 9gm
  • 7gm
  • 5gm


  1. When quantity of electricity passed is one faraday then the mass deposited at the electrode is equal to


  • None
  • One gm. Equivalent weight
  • Electrochemical equivalent
  • One gm. atomic weight



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