Most Beautiful Trees in the World

There are plenty of reasons to love trees: they help produce the oxygen we breathe, they provide shelter from the sun on a hot day; they’re the perfect home for many different kinds of animal. Here’s one more reason: some of them look downright amazing.

We admit that some of these aren’t technically trees (the wisteria is a vine; the rhododendron is a bush, and the baobab is actually related to grass plants). But we couldn’t bear to leave them out of this list — they’re just so wonderful to look at.

A 125-year-old rhododendron, Canada

A 144-year-old wisteria, Japan

Trees twisted by strong winds, New Zealand

A moss-covered southern beech tree, Oregon, USA

The Angel Oak Tree, South Carolina

A tunnel formed from maple trees, Oregon, USA

Oak Alley, South Carolina

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