MS Windows 10 Basic Info Quiz Online GK Mcq’s Questions

Computer General

1. Which one of these users are given a free upgrade to Windows 10?

2. The Windows 10 biometric login featured has been named:

3. In Windows 10, what is the shortcut key to take a screenshot of entire display and save?

4. Which of the following features allow Windows 10 to adopt to different device types?

5. What is the name of new built-in browser includes in Windows 10?

6. Windows 10 belongs to which family of Windows?

7. Which desktop feature has been included in Windows 10 that was omitted from Windows 8?

8. The Cortana is named after a character in which of the following video game series?

9. Windows 10 was launched in which year?

10. In Windows 10, what is the shortcut key to Open programs that are pinned to task bar?

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