Online Dreamweaver Quiz

1. _________ view is a hand-coding environment for writing and editing code?

2. Which file controls how your frames will appear?

3. Dreamweaver’s ____ feature allows users to select colors and make perfect color matches?

4. What can’t layers do if you want to convert them to tables?

5. What do you add to a template in order to control where page content goes?

6. Which of the following is not supported by older browsers?

7. By default, what’s the Fps shown on the timeline?

8. Which of the following is NOT a Page Property?

9. ____ provides the largest text?

10. Dreamweaver users work in the Document Window using one of how many views?

11. In the __________ mode, you create tables by drawing them?

12. Which type of style should you use if you want to use the formats on multiple pages?

13. Which of the following is the HTML tag to start a Heading Level 3?



14. Which of the following is false?

15. Which of the following is NOT a Style?

16. The trick to getting a ball to bounce around a Web page is to?

17. A Web site’s home page is normally named home.htm or home.html

18. A subfolder is a folder inside another folder?

19. When you swap images, it’s best if?

20. The W and H boxes in the Property inspector indicate the width and height of an image, in?

21. How many Sites can you define with one copy of Dreamweaver installed on your computer?

22. When you create a “recipient” hidden field for a form, which of the following is the ONLY correct way to type the word “recipient?

23. The general definition of a(n) ____ is a set of linked documents with shared attributes, such as related topics, a similar design, or a shared purpose?

24. Which of the following is NOT a Hotspot tool?

25. ________ images are used to add texture and interesting color to a Web page?

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