Apache HTTP Server Administration: Part 2 Hosting

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Apache HTTP Server Administration : Part 3 Virtual Hosting

Deep Dive into Ext JS Layouts

Ext JS lets you harness the browser to build amazing applications on web standards. Having these applications work across browsers, from standards to quirks modes, from panels to grids, and across all the complexity is no simple matter, and the Ext JS layout system takes those problems out of your

The Building of Fastbook

Hear directly from a Touch engineer on how we made Fastbook so fast, and what it means for JavaScript and web developers. Learn more about how browsers composite, how to recycle DOM elements, and the various other tricks that were used to make Fastbook into the app that it is.

Ext JS Performance

The profiler and page analyzer are your best friends for optimizing the performance of your Ext JS application. We’ll show you how to use them effectively, as well as explain some other important techniques for making your application perform optimally.

Shrink Your Application by Half: Using Sencha Cmd for Optimal Ext JS

Deliver the optimal experience for your application by removing all the overhead using Sencha Cmd. In this session, we’ll show you how to minimize download size, remove unused code and optimize what is left. (Cross listed in the Developer Tools track.)

Developing For Native: Cordova, Sencha and Ripple

If you want to make your application available in the different platform application stores or need to add native device functionality, you’ll want to package it. We’ll show you how to use Cordova to do just that.

The Magic Touch – What’s Next for Ext JS

Don Griffin. This session will cover new Sencha Ext JS technologies that will remain secret until they are announced in the SenchaCon 2013 keynote.

Making Sencha Frameworks a Piece of Cake

Jacky Nguyen. This session will cover new Sencha technologies that will remain secret until they are announced in the SenchaCon 2013 keynote.

Sencha Architect 3: The Next Generation

Aaron Conran, Gil Gordon. Get all the details on Architect 3 including demos of App Templates, User Extensions, Theming and Styling and Mobile Device testing.