They lost everything because of a mistake on Facebook!

A British couple, Mark and Becky Higgins holy learned a lesson that you are guaranteed to never forget it, as this lost everything because of a “mistake”. Note that this can happen to any of us.

This is why it is so important warning!

The couple wanted to be closer to his workplace, which is 13km away. Therefore, the 22-year-old Becky popular on Facebook is a removal firm. He found one very quickly. The company’s website appeared to be very pro, there was a lot of photos and positive feedback. Seeing this, Becky had no doubt, and contacted the company with a man who introduced himself as Lee Green.


The delivery began, two men arrived in a van and unloaded the whole apartment for as little as 45 minutes. “They burst in and out of the apartment, I thought it was so professional,” said Becky.

When the house is empty, the car was gone without before obtaining a new address.


All that was there was theirs: furniture, clothes, papers and all the family photographs. the work of a lifetime of memories gone forever. “I’ve never cried so much as on that day. I was totally upset because they took the engagement ring and even the baby’s toys. “The only thing left of the television. They want to deliver, because they were afraid that they might be wrong.


“They are dispossessed us. You can also purchase new furniture, but you can make up your personal tárgyainkat never “- said the couple. Becky and Mark, however, is not the first victims of these conscientious and cunning thieves. A few months ago, another family also lost all her belongings.

This is for more than a brazen theft shocking and alarming at the same time all of us! Social networks are increasingly part of our everyday lives, but why never forget who or what may be hidden behind the screen.

Share Beck and Mark story that no one else avoid falling victim to the same scam!

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